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JewFactory Jewelry Co.,Ltd is a famous china jewelry manufacturer and jewelry supplier company,offer jewelry OEM and Jewelry ODM service of the world.The service contains CAD design,Wax carving,Reverse mould,Sprue removal,Welding,Stone setting,Polishing,Electroplating is located in Panyu Guangzhou China the place famous for jewelry processing and manufacturing where lined with jewelry manufaturers.

JewFactory Jewelry Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007. The jewelry producing factory is located in Panyu Guangzhou China. Guangzhou Panyu is famous for jewelry processing and manufacturing where lined with jewelry manufaturers charged with most proportions Jewelry OEM and Jewelry ODM service of the world . The JewFactory is applied in the leading position in the industry of this city.

JewFactory own design and producing departments and the products include enamel, brooches, pendants, earring, ring, bracelet, necklace, anklet, bangle and garment accessories. We can offer CAD design, wax carving, reverse mould, sprue removal & tumble, welding, stone setting, polishing, electroplating, enameling, quality inspection services and some other jewelry oem&odm service. We had the experience to transform your idea into high-quality product. We also can produce handcrafted fashion jewellery and high-end enamel jewelry and some laser cutting jewelry which fulfil customized personality modeling.

JewFactory is ranked on top for the production scale, annual turnover, and cost performance strategy among similar enamel silver products, and has more than 2,00 channel cooperation partners in the United States, South America, Europe, Russian Federation, west Asia, Southeast Asia and China Mainland

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As a professional jewelry supplier,
we have always looked at the various way that we can add value for our customers.High quality products and reasonable factory price are competitive for you to attractive your customers.


More than 100 employees, more than 10 years of jewelry manufacturing experience.


A complete and strict quality management system to ensure the best product quality.


The professional R&D team provides the most practical and fashionable products.

Sample policy

Offer the sample within 10 days for sample, usually 25 days for bulk order time.


Manage production line orderly to ensure good quality and fastest delivery.

OEM service

All the design drawings can be processed according to your requirements.

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